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Session 04


14:00-16:00 HRS (IST) | VIRTUAL MODE

A. Policy Regulations

Developing a framework for policies, regulations and safety standards.

Hydrogen’s potential as a clean fuel, energy storage medium and renewable energy enabler has captured the attention of energy sector players, governments, environmental advocacy groups, and users. Given that hydrogen development is at its nascent stage and there remains a lot of uncertainty surrounding its safety, it is pertinent and important to deliberate and understand the legal and regulatory requirements, investment cases, financing structures, operational requirements, revenue stream, sharing and other elements that need to be considered to formulate an effective acceptable commercialization model. A gradual transition with adequate policy and safety standards will help confidence among stakeholders ad provide a conducive environment for a Hydrogen based economy.




16:30-18:30 HRS (IST) | VIRTUAL MODE

B. Setting up of Centre of Excellence in Hydrogen (Coe – H2)

There is a shortage of qualified engineers who can install, monitor, operate and maintain integrated fuel-cells and hydrogen systems. Centres of Excellence (CoE) are the need of the hour in order to have capacity building in the entire value chain in hydrogen.

CoE-H2 will be a collaborative hydrogen competence center established by joint efforts between Government institutions and agencies, industry, research institutions and academia from both Norway and India.






Self reliance in energy through Green Hydrogen

“As demand for energy rises worldwide, there is a growing need for tapping alternate energy sources that are not only greener, but also renewable and abundant in supply. Hydrogen is one such source that has a much higher energy output per unit mass.
India’s advantage due to its geographical location, climate conditions and abundance of renewable sources of energy like solar, wind and hydro make it ideal for becoming the world’s cheapest hydrogen hub by 2050.”

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Copyright ©International Climate Summit 2022.
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