Green Hydrogen - The future of energy

India has emerged as a global leader in climate change. As the world’s third biggest emitter, it is now making visible efforts to reduce global warming, and remains committed to substantially reducing its carbon footprint in the future.

The announcement of National Hydrogen Energy Mission in the Union Budget of India 2021-22 is an indication of India's potential in building capacity to become the cheapest hydrogen producer in the world by 2050. This summit is a step forward in the mission and aims to meet climate challenges through a consolidated approach and timely interventions, ahead of UNFCCC at Glasgow in November 2021.

Fuelling the next generation

Green Hydrogen is considered to be one of the cleanest fuels for both transport and power generation. The cost reduction in hydrogen production, storage, transmission, distribution, and application has become important area of global shift for regulators, investors and consumers. Today, hydrogen is considered a zero carbon solution for several applications including long trucking, shipping, and steel industry. Refining is expected to switch to green hydrogen over the next decade. For fertilizer production, green ammonia will become cost effective by 2030. India’s steel mills (the second largest producers globally), expect hydrogen-based products to be the key to reducing pollution. At a projected estimate of 837 million tons, emissions from India’s steel industry will more than triple in the next three decades, as demand for the alloy more than quadruples.

For a cleaner greener future

Hydrogen production is energy intensive, and there is a need to exploit non-greenhouse gas producing sources like wind & solar to generate electricity for the purpose. While reducing the burden on fossils fuels, large scale use of hydrogen energy - a 100% clean fuel - will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Investments in R&D, technology upgradation and capacity building are the key to a cleaner future. Addressing these challenges, International Climate Summit 2021 aims to propel India to be a key player in renewable energy. With abundant natural resources, favourable climatic and geographical conditions, India has an advantage that needs to be harnessed.


Self reliance in energy through Green Hydrogen

“As demand for energy rises worldwide, there is a growing need for tapping alternate energy sources that are not only greener, but also renewable and abundant in supply. Hydrogen is one such source that has a much higher energy output per unit mass.
India’s advantage due to its geographical location, climate conditions and abundance of renewable sources of energy like solar, wind and hydro make it ideal for becoming the world’s cheapest hydrogen hub by 2050.”
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